Oh, I dunno – I’m an artist, author (Quiltworks Across Canada: Eleven Contemporary Workshops – now a collector’s item), quilt-making instructor, general contractor on our green home, mother to four interesting grown-ups, partner to a kind, hard-working man who builds my fires and makes my tea.

I have bad habits: I’m fond of beer (only because it is good for my bones and has B-vitamins in it); I spend too much time on the computer; I sneeze funny; I drink too much tea.

I enjoy hiking, tea, flowers, gardening, decorating, bread, making things. I love smelling the forest and anywhere outside after a rain. Did I mention how much I like tea?


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    • Thank you for your interest. I only have the rss feed (subscribe) at the top. But, I should add a “friends” list. Thanks for providing the motivation.

  1. Gail – love your website! Love the posts on building your home. My hubby and I plan to use ICF to build our home – pretty much entirely. We will use wood trusses and a metal roof, but plan to clad the entire house in nonburnable materials because our home will be situated in the middle of a forest in California where wildfires are not uncommon! Thanks for stopping by my site again – I have been reading through your house building blog – very interesting!

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