95. Harvest – A New Approach to Vegetable Storage

With our dry, dry summer, this year we had an excess of tomatoes and peppers. Also a great crop of carrots and beets (yay!)

root cellar box CollageLast year, I bemoaned my lack of foresight in not planning for a root cellar when we built our green home (this post.) My strategy then¬†was to store our root veggies in a burlap-layered box. I’m chagrinned to report that I had to compost about 1/2 of the makeshift root-cellared veggies, because they both dried out and rotted, if that makes sense.

This year, I have decided to leave the carrots and the beets in the ground until we need them. A couple of years ago, we were still harvesting them in February.

I weeded and cleaned up the dried foliage, cut off the carrot tops.Planting garlic between root crops¬†Planted about 175 garlic cloves in between the rows, every 4″.

Then, tucked fallen leaves around them for warmth. Good night, veggies. Stay healthy!leaf mulch on root vegetables

What’s not to love about fall?
tulip leaf on thyme

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