9. Worms

Readers over at This Green House will remember that this guy made me cry.

Since his generous gift then, he has helped me build this blog and deal with various technical issues around all my web sites.

Today, I answered the door to a courier delivering a white styrofoam box. What could it be? I haven’t ordered anything lately. It was from The Bug Lady.

Opening it up, I found some newspaper with two ice packs, a note, and a Chinese food box with a damp cloth bag tightly-tied closed. Inside the bag: a banana peel and 250 red wriggler worms.The note said it was from Engineers Without Borders.

I recalled a conversation with Kaan about how our composted garden soil from Salish Soils and Sea Soil may be fantastic for growing plants, but it has no earthworms in it. And, he posted on his blog about vermiculture. (So, I know you’re behind this thoughtful gift, mister.)

Thank you to EWB for accepting his suggestion. It was totally sweet, and totally unnecessary. We are always happy to support this amazing organization.