81. Green Stuff/Grapevine Privacy Screen

grapevineOur three-year-old grapevines have filled out the big space (about 10′ x 12′) we needed to provide a patio privacy screen from the looming house next door. The sunlight filters through the leaves – so pretty. wicker and vinesAnd there are even grapes ripening – bonus!


I’ve pruned these vines aggressively – three times already since the leaves started growing. I’ve made dolmades twice from the leaves.

Summer has been full – full of gardening, full of outdoor entertaining, full of house guests, full of love. This past weekend we hosted a house concert with performers from Melbourne. (As we look forward to D’s retirement in a couple of years, we are interested in ramping up our community involvement, and this is one way we can enhance our sense of neighbourhood and belonging.) house concertThe way these house concerts work is: We figure out how many people our house can comfortably/safely hold. We prepare food and beverages for it, and provide accommodation and meals for the performers.dinner with the band In the photo above, we have pulled the guitars (on the chairs in the foreground) up to the table to join us for dinner- not crazy at all, right?

We charge our friends and neighbours for the concert, and all the ticket price goes to the performers. It’s a way of supporting artists in untraditional venues.

In other news at This Green House, I have done or attempted a couple of repairs on items to increase their functionality/longevity. One repair was marginally successful, the other a massive (and scary) fail.

The first is my purse. I needed the strap shortened, and went to a couple of leather repair shops (in Prince George and Gibsons) to ask if they could cut the strap and put one rivet in it while I waited. The response was a curt “No, can’t do that.” In Prince George, the shop owner said,”Leave it here for two weeks, and I can get to it.” Gosh.

So I looked into my storehouse of supplies, to see if there was a way I could do it myself, and found that the various eyelets and snaps would not go through the 1/4″ of leather thickness. So, I sewed it, using upholstery thread. Not pretty, but functional.shorten purse strapAre there any “while you wait” repair shops around anymore? It seems to me that customer service is just not that important in so many small shops. (Does saying that make me old and crotchety?)

The other repair was on my favourite pair of glasses. The plastic at the bridge screw had broken. A 1mm and 2mm thick break – not much to work with. I opened some old epoxy glue, and could see that part of it had hardened. So I squeezed it out onto a piece of paper, with the intention of using a toothpick and my tweezers to put the superglue onto the tiny surfaces. Only, the hardened epoxy stuck in the nozzle, so I squeezed harder. crazy glue glasses

And that’s when a stream of superglue bounced off the paper and onto the table, my shirt, and MY FACE! Chin, lips, beside my nose, forehead, and MY EYE! I instinctively shut my mouth and eyes, then… what do I do? We’ve all heard horror stories of fingers and eyelids getting stuck together.

First, I groaned some swear words – I couldn’t say them because my mouth was closed. Then, I felt my way to the pantry, and pulled out the peanut butter. Whhaaat? Well, I have used peanut butter to get sticky stuff off my quilting rulers, and I reasoned that the oil would provide a barrier plus a diluter to lessen the impact of this horrid stuff.

Imagine me plunging my hand into the jar, and smearing peanut butter all over my face. Yup, that’s what I did. Then I opened one eye, headed into the bathroom, turned on the hot water, and washed off the peanut butter and Krazy Glue with soap. Verrry carefully opened the other eye, and could actually feel my eyelashes stick. So scary. No wonder surgeons use this stuff to close wounds. I applied more soap and hot water, and rubbed vigorously with a towel. Could still feel a kind of dry scratchiness, but the eyelashes weren’t sticking anymore. Then, I rubbed vitamin E salve on it all. Only then did I return to the table to clean it off, and then, meticulously, try to repair the glasses.

When it appeared that the mend had worked, I put the screws back in. The mend immediately let go. Repeat and repeat. I give up.

I so hate to spend a few hundred on glasses that are not designed to last. And I miss those glasses.

tea with drying herbs & grapevine

Those are some of the things going on around here.

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  1. The grapevines make a wonderful and beautiful privacy screen! And i’ll bet you will enjoy the grapes, too!

  2. The grapevines make a wonderful and beautiful privacy screen! And i’ll bet you will enjoy the grapes, too!

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