66. Christmas at This Green House


this green house in snowhydrangea and holly

After my little rant about not decorating for the blog, but just for us, D and I cut back some weed alder we planned to take to the green waste site. I decided to bring it into the house for solstice, on its way to the green waste, and it became our Christmas tree!deciduous christmas tree

I think it’s fitting that it’s in the dining room, because our loved ones will be sitting and supping under that tree, and they are, after all, our best gifts, at this time of the year or any other.fire and trees

Add some lights, birds and cones, and the usual collection of 6-pointed snowflakes (my most popular blog post ever on This Green Life.) Whenever guests come to visit around this time of year, we force them to cut us a new snowflake before we’ll give them sustenance. We have the most beautiful art flakes (and don’t accuse me of being an art flake myself!)bird on wire

red bird on alder branch Xmas


night lights

Mother Nature came along to help festify the decor outside.grapevine star in snow

garden gate in snow

house in snow


As Goldilocks once said, “It’s JUUUST right.”stairs in snow

baby food jar candles

Merry Christmas and Hoppy Gnu Yarrrrr to you and your dear ones.


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