55. Giant Garden

garlic and onion

By which I mean, it grows giants.  Giant onions, giant garlic, giant peas – well you get the picture. It’s a small (180 square feet in 9 raised boxes on top of my art studio) organic garden. This is its third year.kale bed

I’m a novice gardener. I try so many organic fertilizers, soils, levels of sunshine, companion planting, crop rotation, pest controls, shade and row covers, etc., that I don’t know what is working so well. No scientifically-controlled experiments to help me understand why this little space is so productive. But, I’m loving it!hollyhocks and poppies

Yesterday, I had the rare luxury of a whole day in the garden. It was badly overgrown and in need of weeding, harvesting, and cleaning up. We enjoyed eating fresh garden peas. shelled peasAnd preserving some to plant next year.drying peas

before after garden

Until this year, the slugs had not found the garden, but now I must be vigilant. Hand-picking slugs seems to be the only thing that works for me. I’ve tried all the tricks, but, like antibiotics and infections, the slugs here have become resistant to copper (they walk right over my penny fence), beer traps (a waste of good beer), egg shells and lava rock. Cleaning out the debris is very helpful. They don’t have so many places to hide.

In the lower yard, garter snakes seem to be quite efficient in cleaning the slugs up.lower yard

Now, just to get the image of slugs and snakes out of your mind, feast your soul on this handsome Golden Retriever in the ferry lineup.laughing golden retriever Doesn’t he have a great smile?

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11 thoughts on “55. Giant Garden

  1. Your garden looks wonderful and the peas look great. The Golden smiling is a cutie! Wonderful post and photos. Have a happy week ahead!

    • I think they come in on starter plants and maybe not-quite-composted compost. Just a fact of gardening.

  2. What a beautiful garden! We have a couple of ducks that keep the slugs at bay here.

  3. There is nothing that compares to the sweet taste of fresh picked peas! You are so lucky!!!

    Big Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  4. Your garden is thriving! We used to have so many slugs when we lived in California. Have some here too, but not as many.

    Thanks so much for joining in this week!


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