42. Toy Sewing Machines and Adorable Things

fir display shelves I collect vintage toy sewing machines, preferably metal.

This hobby was started by the one-that-got-away in 1986. I was a young mother to three boys, aged a few months, three and five. For a fun but inexpensive (the cost of a public transit adult fare) day, I decided we’d take the Seabus and new Skytrain to its terminus in New Westminster. I packed a lunch, we all bundled up, and enjoyed the15-minute boat ride and 20-minute train ride. While in New West, we walked along the water and window-shopped.

One of our stops was the local Salvation Army thrift store. There, I saw a toy Bernina sewing machine. My grown-up sewing machines are Berninas. I love Berninas. I so wanted to buy that little gem, but did not have the $25 on the price tag.

While raising our family of four kids, I was very lucky to be able to stay home with them, after teaching Home Economics for seven years. But, there were sacrifices: we prepared all our meals from scratch at home, our holidays were always the cheapest camping trips, I sewed the kids’ clothes, and we certainly didn’t have $25 to spend on a whim. How I yearned for that little machine. I have never found another, even though I can now afford it. But, the bee was in my bonnet.

The first little machine for my collection was a gift from New Brunswick quilter Lois Wilby Hooper, and it’s the oldest one in the collection.oldest toy sewing machine My most recently acquired one is this lovely red Casige, made in Germany. I’m a sucker for anything red.red castige sewing machine A few are repeats, and I love to display them together. My dear partner finds them for me on his trips for work, and my sister occasionally finds them during her searches for her collectibles booths.repeated toy sewing machines This one, called “Little Worker” is not a toy. It’s just a small working machine. Late 1800s. It fits in one of our stepped shelves (which are trimmed with some of the exquisite salvaged fir flooring we used throughout our main floor on This Green House.)little worker sewing machine A slight change of subject, but still in the small adorable things vein, I found a vintage box of doll dishes and dollhouse accessories at a collectibles store. Again, from Germany, c. 1940. They’re displayed in the same shelves.doll accessoriesI haven’t touched my dollhouses in about 20 years, except to transport them through three moves. But, I’ve got that hobby in my back pocket for my dotage.dollhouse toy sewing machine Collage I have my collection displayed right here, where I can look at them over my computer screen. Does anyone else collect vintage toy sewing machines?

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44 thoughts on “42. Toy Sewing Machines and Adorable Things

  1. These are just super. A whole lot smaller than the pink battery operated toy sewing machine I learned to sew my Barbie blankets on…but much more interesting looking. Love them and appreciate your sharing your collection.
    Cheers, from Oshawa Ontario

  2. Great post! I will take pictures of my sewing machines and post them on my blog! Thanks for the inspiration. I’ll send you the link when I have posted the pictures and I’ll include a link to yours. Thanks again!

  3. Oh No! You may have started a new obession for me! Thanks – I think. LOL. I have never seen toy sewing machines before but they are adorable. I love how you have them all displayed too!

  4. Here is the link to my post about my little sewing machines -http://www.barbrobson.com/journal/2013/1/18/collections.html
    Thanks for the ispiration. Now I wish I had such a beautiful space to display them. Back to the dusty shelf for now!

  5. My brother has several friends who are professional toy piano performers. He too plays the toy piano and seeks out music written especially for it. Not quite the same as your collection, but I’m sure you see the connection in my mind. Lovely and informative post!

  6. I don’t collect toy sewing machines but I do have my mother’s little Singer machine from when she was little. I do however collect toy cookware. Little pots and pans and rolling pins and such that I hang on a Christmas tree in my kitchen. I like the way you’ve displayed your sewing machine. Out where you can see them year round. Visiting you from Find a Friend Friday.

  7. Good Morning to you, I am sorry, I could not find your name to say hello properly.
    I have really enjoyed looking at your toy machines, they are fascinating. I especially liked the first sewing machine and how appropriate to name a machine “Little Worker” as that is what our machines are.
    I do not own any toy sewing machines, but I have an old hand Singer Sewing Machine and an old Jones treadle machine…..the treadle needs repairing, but it will be fun to use.
    I have thoroughly enjoyed your post. I found you via Claudia at My Favourite Thing.
    Sending you best wishes,

  8. I have never seen miniature sewing machines before! Since my weekend project is changing a closet into a sewing area, this picture serves as inspiration! Thanks for sharing your collection.

  9. You’ve covered all things I love here – sewing machines, especially toy ones, and miniatures and dollhouses! Love your collection – that red one is stunning.

    Thanks so much for joining in this week!


  10. What a fabulous collection! And not just a collection, but a treasure, especially to anyone who appreciates sewing machines. Thank you so much for showing us this great collection. sigh. I’m trying not to covet. lol – Judy

  11. Those are so cute. I remember my sister receiving a toy sewing machine for Christmas one year. Oh how I coveted that little thing!

  12. I am deeply in love with your miniature sewing machine collection! What treasures. I have so enjoyed viewing them all and I love your dollhouse too.

    Susan and Bentley

  13. How cute, I have never seen these little sewing machines. You have a wonderful collection. Thanks for sharing, have a happy week ahead.

  14. These are adorable! I collect dolls and children’s books and any toy that catches my eye (at the right price) but I have never seen one of these! How wonderful to have something fun to collect!

  15. How intriguing. I especially like the old singer style as I used to sew on one of those. What a neat little miniature dish collection too!

  16. How fun to read about how your toy sewing machine collection began. I have just one sewing machine and it’s 30 years old and I love it. Your toy ones are beautifully displayed. I hope you find one of the Bernina ones someday.

  17. This is my first visit to your blog. We have the same taste. I too collect the little machines. I have some 40 in my collection. I have collected for years. The colors make me so happy.

    Sweet Regards,

    • It’s lovely to meet another sewing machine collector. Have you written a post about your collection, Shelley?
      Thanks to you, and all commenters, for your kind words.

  18. Hi, I saw your link at Nifty Thrifty Tuesday and had to hop over. I love vintage toys. I love childrens sewing machines, but have only ran across one. Would love to find more. I have a good sized collection of tin toys. Quite a few of them were given to me by my older sister. I was planning on doing a post on the little girl items soon. Now following you.

  19. Congrats! You’ve been featured at Simple & Sweet Fridays for your wonderful collection of toy sewing machines! Hope you have a great week!


  20. What a fabulous collection! Thanks for sharing at Knick of Time Tuesday. Please a link back to the party within your post so I can feature you!

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