41. Quilt-Painted Headboard

alcove bed with New York Beauty

I won this New York Beauty quilt in a raffle at a conference. I was in the men’s washroom when my name was called as the winner. (Wait – men’s washroom?? Yes, at quilt conferences, the men’s washrooms are converted with plants and real hand-towels and hand-lotion into women’s washrooms.) I was having a lovely chat with the washroom housekeeper about her landscape-painted fingernails, when a delegate ran into the washroom calling, “Gail, Gail, you won, you won!”

(The only other time I have won something is when I stayed up all night on New Year’s Eve when I was twelve, listening to the radio’s clues for a contest. The prize was a Herman’s Hermits album, and I won! I adored Peter Noone. A few years ago I went to a Peter Noone concert, and, at 55 or so, he looked and sounded exactly like my 12-year-old idol. I was in pre-adolescent love all over again.)

I found a free plain headboard at the swap shed. Got out my acrylic paints, my rulers and pencils. Drew the same-sized quilt blocks and a border onto the wood, then colour-by-colour painted the quilt blocks.headboard close-upquilt-painted headboard

And, it JUST fits into this little bonus sleeping alcove in our loft. How lucky is that?

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10 thoughts on “41. Quilt-Painted Headboard

  1. How lucky were you. That is fabulous win. Would never have thought of doing the headboard like that. Awesome job.

    • Salutations, Barbara, as Charlotte (of Charlotte’s Web) would say. Or is that Wilbur? Anyway, good to hear from you. Have you started blogging yet, about your gorgeous century home or quilting? I think I remember first hearing about blogging from your daughter – how many years ago was that, about eight? She was a pioneer.

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