2. Getting Wood 101

We heat our house with a heat pump and a masonry mass fireplace.

D estimates we use 1.5 cords of firewood in a winter.  For the past two winters, we have been using construction waste to heat the house (no painted, stained, or treated wood).

Tess and I started building the wood sheds last week. Turns out she wanted to build wood sheds just so she could go out to the bush and  buck up firewood from the “dead and down” bounty here on the Sunshine Coast, then fill up the wood sheds with it. (Tess is a tough forest fire fighter, and is gearing up for her summer season.)

So, after sharpening the chain, she and I went  out to find firewood (I’m just there as a swamper (or clean-up slave) and to call 9-1-1 if Tess cuts off her leg.) It took no time at all to find some beautiful downfall, close to the road.

With a burst of energy, Tess donned D’s new  birthday “chaps” (safety leggings made of Kevlar.) She and the chainsaw made short work of one-and-a-half tree trunks, then the gas ran out. She re-mixed the gas, filled the chainsaw reservoir, and tried to go back to bucking. Husqvarna was not happy.

Bad, bad Husqvarna!

Tess took apart the chain saw, blew out the air and fuel filters, cleaned the spark plug, re-assembled,  and fired ‘er up. Still not happy. We drove into Roberts Creek for lunch at the Gumboot. Got new gas, dropped off the rounds at the famous wood sheds, and headed back. Husqvarna was not buyin’ it.

But, Tess did some lazy log-splitting in the ever-present rain:

Next morning, Husqvarna was much happier (as am I after a good night’s sleep). She purred. Unfortunately, the much-overworked pull rope resigned (shredded) and that was it for Husqi for now.

The wood sheds will get filled, just not this week. Sorry, Tess, I know you have your goals.


4 thoughts on “2. Getting Wood 101

  1. Don’t be too hard on ‘bad Husqvarna’: I’m a Husqvarna guy: had a 30.06 Husqvarna Crown Grade Lighweight rifle once, sewed on a Husqvarna sewing machine, and happily cut wood with my Husqvarna chainsaw. AND I have a Husqvarna baseball hat. A true Husqie poster-boy.

  2. Looking good. Hope to see some pictures of the wood sheds as they fill up. Dave and Sally have been hauling the logs up to their wood area with Woofer help, ’tis the season to prep for fall/winter.

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