12. Scotch Broom and Other Enemies

From gardeners in Victoria, BC, I read that the best way to get rid of the invasive Scotch Broom was to wait for the flowers to finish, then cut them while the pods are being formed. The plant is putting all its energy into seed production, so the roots will be too starved to generate new growth next year. Then burn them, because the pods will stay viable for 50 years!Well, those pods formed awfully fast, and fortunately, we have three capable WWOOFers here to saw those suckers down. We had to take them to the green waste drop-off, though, because it’s not legal to burn anything that big. (If we tried, the local self-appointed fire-alarm would call the fire department, and they would pay us a visit.)

Their slaughter (I can only hope) made a lovely clear path in the hillside for this guy and his brother and sister:They have been making themselves free with our landscaping and pathways and grasses. So far, they have not seemed interested in the lilacs, California poppies and lilacs, marigolds and lavender that we have been planting for our “deer-resistant” xeriscape. Maybe this will work!

Kove was carrying a piece of laminated glass recently, when an edge must have grazed a stone, and the whole piece shattered out of his hands! It was scary for him, but apart from a couple of minor scratches, he was all right. It took us maybe an hour to mostly pick it up,  but I reasoned that some glass in the thyme might discourage the slugs from finding safe harbour there. Although it’s pretty, I don’t think I will be using it as a new landscaping material.


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