1. Post House Post

Over on This Green House, I’ve been blogging for 2.5 years about our house-building project: “Case Study: How two people (and legions of talented tradespeople) are building a new green home in British Columbia.”

It includes our successes and mistakes. I let readers in on information that can be difficult to find in Interland: how much the project costs, broken down by category, for example. I candidly review our trades. I philosophize about the building process. I include research that led us to make the greenest choices for our money. In short, I document, in photos and text, how we built our house.

That project is nearing its end – although there’s an old saying, “Man who finish house die” and you never really finish the house when you build it yourself. There will still be posts over there, but now we are really starting to live in our house and our new community (The Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, a short ferry ride from Vancouver, Canada.) This new blog is about how we are choosing to live this green life. It will be about organic gardening. It might be about what we’re reading. There may be some recipes. Maybe some eco-friendly crafts like kayak-building or re-purposing old items to make them new and fresh.

I hope you’ll find it useful. Please drop by often for a visit.